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Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down
milk and two sugars
Not forgotten this! I've been in Cardiff for the past week or so,… 
26th-Oct-2010 01:02 pm
Not forgotten this! I've been in Cardiff for the past week or so, partially to do some job hunting in preparation for my move there but mainly just to spend some time with G. As is what seems to be the norm for us, there was more drama. Not feeling quite ready to go into the details of all that yet, but I'm really hoping what occurred is the last of this chapter of our lives and we can just focus on getting back to happy again. It felt like it could while I was there, what happened hurt and shook the trust quite badly but I'm pretty sure it can be rebuilt. For the most part we actually felt genuinely happy together and there was definite warmth.

It was lovely seeing the rats again, of course. Willow's been ill lately, I think she might have had a stroke and for a while we thought she was on her way out but she kept fighting though the worst of it. She's a plucky little thing and has grown steadily stronger with each day, she's a little wobbly but still happy to explore in her own clumsy way.

Not so much luck with the job hunting but admittedly I wasn't putting as much effort into it as I should have been. Going to have to crack down on that. I got a little distracted with one thing or another. Some reasons are fairly understandable like the extreme life changes I keep having to deal with; but other reasons are not so good. I've been playing a lot of Fallout 3, I'm really getting into it. Seriously, I'm so bad with that kind of game, I really get sucked in until it's pretty much the only thing I'll want to do. I don't have X Box here so the game's postponed for now but I'm already itching to get back to it. Oh well, I'm only at mine for the rest of this week, due to head back to Cardiff on friday for Halloween so I only have to deal with gaming withdrawal for a few days.

Speaking of Halloween, I am feeling so, so festive! God I love this time of year, I even love the fact that shops are already starting to get all the Christmas decorations out. G hates it, he says it's way too early but I think the earlier the better, it helps take off the miserable edge of the grey winter that's looming. This year, I've set myself the project of making all my own Christmas cards. Going to stretch my crafting muscles. I've bought all the materials already, I'm really looking forward to starting on it, but first I need to work out a costume for Halloween. I'm still not completely certain what I'm going to dress up as and I'm quickly running out of time. Oh dear. need to do some serious brain storming, I think!
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