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Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down
milk and two sugars
I feel a little embarrassed reading back on my last post and how… 
11th-Aug-2011 09:29 pm
Cat Out the Bag
I feel a little embarrassed reading back on my last post and how emotional it was. It was pretty dark times for me, but things are so much better now, like I'm living a completely different life. Looking back, I'm wondering why I stayed in the position I was in for so long, but at the time it didn't seem so easy to leave.

Things with G ended a while ago, I'm not even in contact with him on a friend level and so much better off for it. It was difficult getting used to being alone at first but now I'm just so much happier, I've got way more energy to put into other aspects of my life.

I do however have two wonderful additions to my life, my two kittens. Pure white ragdoll/oriental crosses called Ghost and Whisper. I've missed having a cat terribly ever since my original cat (A ginger and white Filipino alley cat called Jinx with the sweetest disposition) died a few years ago. The kittens came into my life through a series of mishaps and errors which came with my impulse control issues, but I don't regret it at all. They're absolutely gorgeous, the sweetest little things. Ghost has more the tempermant of a ragdoll and loves cuddles whilst Whisper has the insanity of the oriental. Still very affectionate but prone to pouncing on anything and everything, be it your feet, a piece of string, necklaces, shadows, or just her own tail. I'll have to get some photos and videos of them uploaded here before they're all grown up.

I'm also employed, though unfortunately only for another month, then it's back to the job search. But the income is great. I'm working as a youth worker in a church in Birkenhead. Parts of it are amazing, but we're a bit hindered by annoying red tape which can be frustrating. I love the kids though, I'm actually pretty good with them, especially the teens, which is a pretty awesome discovery about myself.

Things are feeling intense with the riots at the moment, well I say riots... It's really more a riot started in London with yobbish idiots jumping on the bandwagon elsewhere with looting and vandalism. I live just outside of Birkenhead in Merseyside which I'm sad to say, was one of the cities targeted. They didn't do as much damage as they could have done, just smashing a few windows and setting a few fires, but the majority of it took place right outside my workplace. You can actually see the play center building in some of the official photos. That's a little scary. There's talk that a large group of them are planning a proper hit on the city this coming weekend with gangs traveling in from elsewhere just to join in the vandalism. It really is sad that they're behaving like this... Birkenhead has a bad rep for being a bit rough, but I always felt like it at least had a good sense of community. It still does, but it's getting damaged by these idiots who are targeting anything, be it franchises or small personal run businesses. I think it's incredibly sad that there are people out there in the world who are so intent on causing misery just for the sake of it (they didn't even steal anything, they just wanted to do damage) with absolutely no sense of community. Fine, hate the law and the government if you have to, but when we're turning on ourselves, what do we have?
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